Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2020
Prof. Dr. Federico M. Rossi
National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) at the National University of San Martín (UNSAM) in Buenos Aires

The Center for Civil Society Research is continuing its lecture series on Civil Society and Political Conflict

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2020
Beginn: 17:00 Uhr


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Patricia Löffler
patricia.loeffler [at]
John McCarthy on 24.09.2019

Prof. Dr. John McCarthy, Penn University will present a paper on: Movement Success, Political Fracturing, and Demobilization: Explaining the Tea Party’s Short Romance with Protest Demonstrations. You can join this session, if you like on 24.09.2019, 17:00 in B002/003 at the WZB.