Assimilation oder Multikulturalismus?

Bedingungen gelungener Integration

Ruud Koopmans

Die Flüchtlingskrise, das Wahlverhalten der türkischen Mitbürger, die Debatte um die Leitkultur und die Thesen zur Integration haben die Frage der Zuwanderung ins Zentrum der politischen Debatte gerückt.
Wovon hängt es ab, ob Zuwanderung in erfolgreiche Integration oder in segregierte, sozial marginalisierte Parallelgesellschaften mündet?
Was bedeutet Kultur für die Integration?
Brauchen wir so etwas wie eine Leitkultur oder müssen wir uns als multikulturelle Gesellschaft neu definieren? Was sind die Ursachen von islamischem Fundamentalismus und Extremismus?
Darüber gibt der Autor fundiert Auskunft.

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Verlag: LIT Verlag, Reihe: Migration, Band 4
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Social Cohesion and Immigration in Europe and North America

Mechanisms, Conditions, and Causality

Ruud Koopmans, Bram Lancee, and Merlin Schaeffer (Eds.)

Concerns about immigration and the rising visibility of minorities have triggered a lively scholarly debate on the consequences of ethnic diversity for trust, cooperation, and other aspects of social cohesion. In this accessibly written volume, leading scholars explore where, when, and why ethnic diversity affects social cohesion by way of analyses covering the major European immigration countries, as well as the United States and Canada. They explore the merits of competing theoretical accounts and give rare insights into the underlying mechanisms through which diversity affects social cohesion. The volume offers a nuanced picture of the topic by explicitly exploring the conditions under which ethnic diversity affects the ‘glue’ that holds societies together. With its interdisciplinary perspective and contributions by sociologists, political scientists, social psychologists, as well as economists, the book offers the most comprehensive analysis of the link between ethnic diversity and social cohesion that is currently available.

Hardcover and Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Routledge Advances in Sociology
Language: English

ISBN-10: 1138024090
ISBN-13: 978-1138024090

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published: 2014-11-20



After Integration

Islam, Conviviality and Contentious Politics in Europe


Marian Burchardt, and Ines Michalowski (Eds.)

The integration of Muslims into European societies is often seen as a major challenge that is yet to be confronted. This book, by contrast, starts from the observation that on legal, political and organizational levels integration has already taken place. It showcases the variety of theoretical approaches that scholars have developed to conceptualize Muslim life in Europe, and provides detailed empirical analysis of ten European countries. Demonstrating how Muslim life unfolds between conviviality and contentious politics, the contributors describe demographic developments, analyze legal controversies, and explore the action of government and state, Muslim communities and other civil society actors. Driving forces behind the integration of Islam are discussed in detail and compared across countries.

eBook: 325 pages
Publisher: Springer VS
Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-658-02594-6

ISBN: 978-3-658-02593-9



Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion

Immigration, Ethnic Fractionalization and Potentials for Civic Action

Merlin Schaeffer

Exploring the debate within social sciences on the consequences of ethnic diversity for social cohesion and the production of public goods, this book draws on extensive survey data from Germany to engage with questions surrounding the relationship between ethnic diversity and issues such as welfare provision and the erosion of public trust and civic engagement in Europe. It moves away from the question of whether there is in fact a universal correlation between ethnic diversity and social cohesion in order to focus on the reasons for which people's reciprocity and trust might be reduced in more ethnically diverse areas. Drawing attention to the importance of peoples' perceptions of diversity in explaining levels of social cohesion, Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion shows how specific types of perceived diversity can help explain the reasons for which ethnic diversity is associated with declines in social cohesion, and the contexts and conditions in which this occurs. The book also outlines potential courses of action, revealing the important roles of residential segregation, children and interethnic partners in overcoming barriers of language, values and cognitive bias. A rigorous, timely study of ethnic diversity and its relation to liberal democracy as a form of deliberative conflict that requires certain levels of trust, shared values and engagement, Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion will be of interest to policy makers, sociologists and political scientists working in the fields of race and migration, ethnic diversity and community cohesion.

Hardback: 196 pages
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-40-946938-4

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published: 2016-05-23

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Immigrant Performance in the Labour Market: Bonding and Bridging Social Capital


Bram Lancee

To what extent can different forms of social capital help immigrants make headway on the labour market? An answer to this pressing question begins here. Taking the Netherlands and Germany as case studies, the book identifies two forms of social capital that may work to increase employment, income and occupational status and, conversely, decrease unemployment. New insights into the concepts of bonding and bridging arise through quantitative research methods, using longitudinal and crosssectional data. Referring to a dense network with 'thick' trust, bonding is measured as family ties, co-ethnic ties and trust in the family. Bridging is seen in terms of interethnic ties, thus implying a crosscutting network with 'thin' trust. Immigrant Performance in the Labour Market reveals that although bonding allows immigrants to get by, bridging enables them to get ahead.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Language: English

ISBN-10: 9089643575
ISBN-13: 978-9089643575



Islamophobia in Western Europe and North America


Marc Helbling

For the first time this volume reunites leading researchers from various countries in Western Europe and North America who focus on survey data to investigate Islamophobia. While we already know quite a lot about how Islam finds its place in Western Europe and North America and how states react to Muslim migration, we know surprisingly little about the attitudes of ordinary citizens towards Islam and Muslim migrants. The individual contributions investigate what Islamophobia exactly is and how it is related to similar social phenomena such as xenophobia and anti-Semitism. What leads to Islamophobic attitudes, how they can be explained and whether we observe different patterns between Western Europe and North America or among countries with different experiences of Muslim migration constitute other important aspects that are addressed.

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Routledge Chapman & Hall 
Language: English




The Making of a European Public Sphere. Media Discourse and Political Contention

Ruud Koopmans, Paul Statham (Eds.)

This book investigates an important source of the European Union's recent legitimacy problems. It shows how European integration is debated in mass media, and how this affects democratic inclusiveness. Advancing integration implies a shift in power between governments, parliaments, and civil society. Behind debates over Europe's 'democratic deficit' is a deeper concern: whether democratic politics can perform effectively under conditions of Europeanization and globalization. This study is based on a wealth of unique data from seven European countries, combining newspaper content analyses, an innovative study of Internet communication structures, and hundreds of interviews with leading political and media representatives across Europe. It is by far the most far-reaching and empirically grounded study on the Europeanization of media discourse and political contention to date, and a must-read for anyone interested in how European integration changes democratic politics and why European integration has become increasingly contested.

Hardcover and Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 
Language: English

ISBN-13: 9780521190909 (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780521138253 (Paperback)



Contested Citizenship. Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe


Ruud Koopmans, Paul Statham, Marco Giugni, Florence Passy

This book demonstrates how national identity affects the dynamics of immigration. From international press coverage of the French government's attempt to prevent Muslims from wearing headscarves to terrorist attacks in Madrid and the United States, questions of cultural identity and pluralism are at the center of the world's most urgent events and debates. Presenting an unprecedented wealth of empirical research garnered during ten years of a cross-cultural project. "Contested Citizenship" addresses these fundamental issues by comparing collective actions by migrants, xenophobes, and antiracists in Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Revealing striking cross-national differences in how immigration and diversity are contended by different national governments, these authors find that how citizenship is constructed is the key variable defining the experience of Europe's immigrant populations. "Contested Citizenship" provides nuanced policy recommendations and challenges the truism that multiculturalism is always good for immigrants. Even in an age of European integration and globalization, the state remains a critical actor in determining what points of view are sensible and realistic - and legitimate - in society.

Paperback: 376 pages
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Language: English

ISBN-10: 0816646635
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Paradigmen der Bewegungsforschung. Entstehung und Entwicklung von Neuen Sozialen Bewegungen und Rechtsextremismus

Kai-Uwe Hellmann, Ruud Koopmans (Hrsg.)

Protestbewegungen haben die politische Landschaft Deutschlands in den letzten Jahrzehnten maßgeblich mitgeprägt. In den 70er und 80er Jahren waren es die 'Neuen Sozialen Bewegungen' wie die Frauen-, die Friedens- und die Umweltbewegung, während es sich in den letzten Jahren eher um ausländerfeindliche Gewalttaten und rechtsextreme Aufmärsche handelte, die die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zogen. Was können wir über diese Bewegungsformen sagen, und welche sozialwissenschaftlichen Erklärungsansätze gibt es? Dieser Band versucht, Antworten zu geben. Namhafte Autoren untersuchen die Neuen Sozialen Bewegungen bzw. den Rechtsextremismus jeweils unter verschiedenen Fragestellungen in vergleichender Hinsicht. Diese systematische Kopplung von Theorie und Empirie vermittelt zum einen den Erkenntnisstand deutscher und internationaler Theorien sozialen Protests, zum anderen leistet der Band eine theoriegeleitete Darstellung der beiden einflußreichsten Bewegungstypen der letzten Jahrzehnte in Deutschland.

Taschenbuch: 268 Seiten
Verlag: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
Sprache: Deutsch

ISBN-10: 3531132504
ISBN-13: 978-3531132501



Bürgerschaft, Öffentlichkeit und Demokratie in Europa


Ansgar Klein, Ruud Koopmans, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Ludger Klein, Christian Lahusen, Dieter Rucht (Hrsg.)

Die Entwicklung einer europäischen Bürgerschaft, einer europäischen Öffentlichkeit und der Demokratie in der Europäischen Union sind Voraussetzung für Integration und Legitimation der sich erweiternden Europäischen Union. Die Beiträge analysieren den Entwicklungsstand von Demokratie und Bürgerbeteiligung, der europäischen Öffentlichkeit und der europäischen Integration im Spannungsfeld von EU, Nationen und Regionen.

Taschenbuch: 354 Seiten
Verlag: Leske + Budrich Verlag
Sprache: Deutsch

ISBN-10: 3810034827
ISBN-13: 978-3810034823



Mobilization. The International Journal of Research in Social Movements, Protest, and Contentious Politics

Dieter Rucht, Ruud Koopmans (eds.)

Special issue on "Protest Event Analysis" (vol. 4, no. 2, 1999)

Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: Department of Sociology, San Diego State University,
San Diego, CA 92182-4423
Language: English

ISSN: 1086-671X



Acts of Dissent. New Developments in the Study of Protest

Dieter Rucht, Ruud Koopmans, Friedhelm Neidhardt

Although living conditions have improved throughout history, protest, at least in the last few decades, seems to have increased to the point of becoming a normal phenomenon in modern societies. Contributors to this volume examine how and why this is the case and argue that although problems such as poverty, hunger, and violations of democratic rights may have been reduced in advanced Western societies, a variety of other problems and opportunities have emerged and multiplied the reasons and possibilities for protest.

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 
Language: English

ISBN-10: 0847698572
ISBN-13: 978-0847698578



New Social Movements in Western Europe. A Comparative Analysis

Hanspeter Kriesi, Ruud Koopmans, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Marco G. Giugni

This text combines theories of resource mobilization with an analysis of the structures of political opportunity. It provides a summary of the orientations of particular movements and of the significance of differing political regimes across Europe.

Paperback: 321 pages
Publisher: Routledge,an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd
Language: English

ISBN-10: 1857285522
ISBN-13: 978-1857285529



Democracy from Below. New Social Movements and the Political System in West Germany

Ruud Koopmans

West Germany is generally considered the country where new social movements addressing themes such as ecology, peace, and women's rights found their strongest and most pronounced expression. This book shows how new social movements were shaped by the nature and development of the West German political system and how, in turn, these movements have made an important contribution to the consolidation and deepening of democracy in Germany. West Germany is generally considered the country where new social movements addressing themes such as ecology, peace, and women's rights found their strongest and most pronounced expression. This book shows how new social movements were shaped by the nature and development of the West German political system and how, in turn, these movements have made an important contribution to the consolidation and deepening of democracy in Germany. Democracy from Below is based on an elaboration of the political process approach to social movements. This perspective emphasizes the constraining and facilitating role of political opportunities provided by established politics for the mobilization of social movements as well as the embeddedness of individual social movements within broader waves of protest. Koopmans bases his study on new, extensive data on more than 3,000 protest events between 1965 and 1989 and on the characteristics of the most important organizations of the new social movements.The book also has a strong comparative focus, contrasting the West German case to similar data on social movement mobilization in France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Democracy from Below will be of interest not only to students of social movements but also to those interested in comparative politics and contemporary German politics. In addition, social movement activists interested in questions of strategy and tactics will find the book useful.

Hardcover: 282 pages
Publisher: Westview Press Inc
Language: English

ISBN-10: 0813387213
ISBN-13: 978-0813387215