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Advanced Engineering Informatics
  Advanced Engineering Informatics  
  Advanced Engineering Materials  
  Advanced Experimental Mechanics  
  Advanced Fiber Materials  
  Advanced Functional Materials  
  Advanced Genetics  
  Advanced Gut and Microbiome Research (2022-)  
  Advanced Health Care Technologies  
  Advanced Healthcare Materials  
  Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research  
  Advanced Infocomm Technology (ICAIT)  
  Advanced Information Systems = Sučasni Informacijni Systemy  
  Advanced Intelligent Systems  
  Advanced Manufacturing  
  Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer and Composites Science  
  Advanced Material Science  
  Advanced Materials  
  Advanced Materials Interfaces (2014 - 2022)  
  Advanced Materials Interfaces (2023 -)  
  Advanced Materials Letters  
  Advanced Materials & Processes  
  Advanced Materials Research  
  Advanced Materials Technologies  
  Advanced Materials & Technologies  
  Advanced Mathematical Models & Applications  
  Advanced Membranes  
  Advanced Mining Solutions (AMS)  
  Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences  
  Advanced NanoBiomed Research  
  Advanced Nonlinear Studies  
  Advanced Optical Materials  
  Advanced Optical Technologies  
  Advanced Optical Technologies (2023-)  
  Advanced Performance Materials  
  Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin  
  Advanced Photonics  
  Advanced Photonics Nexus  
  Advanced Photonics Research  
  Advanced Physics Research  
  Advanced Powder Technology  
  Advanced Quantum Technologies  
  Advanced Research in Life Sciences  
  Advanced Robotics  
  Advanced Science  
  Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine  
  Advanced Science Letters  
  Advanced Semiconductor Lasers and their Applications  
  Advanced Sensor Research  
  Advanced Series in Management  
  Advanced Solid State Lasers