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Angus Journal
  Angus Journal  
  Angustia: Journal of the National Museum of Eastern Carpathians (Angvstia)  
  Anhalt-Dessauischer Kalender  
  Anhui-Daxue-xuebao Zhexue shehui kexue ban = Journal of Anhui University: Philosophy and Social Sciences  
  Anhui-Daxue-xuebao Ziran kexueban = Journal of Anhui University: Natural Sciences  
  Anhui-dizhi = Geology of Anhui  
  Anhui-Ligong-Daxue-xuebao Ziran kexue ban= Journal of Anhui University of Science and Technology: Natural Science  
  Anhui-nongye-kexue = Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences  
  Anhui-Shida-xuebao Ziran kexue ban = Journal of Anhui Normal University: Natural Science  
  Anhui-Shifan-Daxue-xuebao Renwen shehui kexue ban = Journal of Anhui Normal University: Humanities and Social Sciences Eedition  
  Anhui-shixue = Historical Research in Anhui  
  Anhui-Yike-Daxue-xuebao = Acta Universitatis Medicinalis Anhui  
  Anhui-Zhongyi-Xueyuan-xuebao = Journal of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medical College (Journal of Anhui Tcm College)  
  ANICdotes: The Official Newsletter of the Australian National Insect Collection  
  Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Book Reviews  
  Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology  
  Anima : História, Teoria e Cultura  
  Anima, L'  
  Animal and Veterinary Sciences  
  Animal Behavior and Cognition  
  Animal Behaviour  
  Animal Behaviour Monographs  
  Animal Biodiversity and Conservation  
  Animal Biology  
  Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry  
  Animal Bioscience  
  Animal Biotechnology (1990-2023)  
  Animal Biotechnology (2024-)  
  Animal Biotelemetry  
  Animal Cells and Systems  
  Animal Cognition (1998-2023)  
  Animal Cognition (2024-)  
  Animal Conservation  
  Animal Diseases  
  Animal Feed Science and Technology  
  Animal Frontiers  
  Animal Gene  
  Animal Genetic Resources = Resources Génétiques Animales = Recursos Genéticos Animales  
  Animal Genetics  
  Animal Health in Australia  
  Animal Health Research Reviews  
  Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly Reports  
  Animal Husbandry and Feed Science (via CAJ)  
  Animal Justice UK  
  Animal Law Review  
  Animal Microbiome  
  Animal Migration  
  Animal Models and Experimental Medicine  
  Animal Nutrition  
  Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology