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Acropolis Restoration News, The
  Acropolis Restoration News, The  
  ACROSS: A Comprehensive Review of Societal Studies  
  Across Languages and Cultures : A Multidisciplinary Journal for Translation and Interpreting Studies  
  Across the Disciplines : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Language, Learning, and Academic Writing  
  ACS - Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus  
  ACS Agricultural Science & Technology  
  ACS Applied Bio Materials  
  ACS Applied Electronic Materials  
  ACS Applied Energy Materials  
  ACS Applied Engineering Materials  
  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  
  ACS Applied Nano Materials  
  ACS Applied Optical Materials  
  ACS Applied Polymer Materials  
  ACS Bio & Med Chem Au  
  ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering  
  ACS Catalysis  
  ACS Central Science  
  ACS Chemical Biology  
  ACS Chemical Health & Safety  
  ACS Chemical Neuroscience  
  ACS Chemical Neuroscience  
  ACS Combinatorial Science  
  ACS Division Proceedings Online  
  ACS Division Proceedings Online / Division of Environmental Chemistry  
  ACS Division Proceedings Online / Division of Petroleum Chemistry, Inc.  
  ACS Earth and Space Chemistry  
  ACS Energy Letters  
  ACS Engineering Au  
  ACS Environmental Au  
  ACS ES&T Air  
  ACS ES&T Engineering  
  ACS ES&T Water  
  ACS Food Science & Technology  
  ACS Infectious Diseases  
  ACS Macro Letters  
  ACS Materials Au  
  ACS Materials Letters  
  ACS Measurement Science Au  
  ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters  
  ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters  
  ACS Nano  
  ACS Nanoscience Au  
  ACS Omega  
  ACS Organic & Inorganic Au  
  ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science  
  ACS Photonics  
  ACS Physical Chemistry Au  
  ACS Polymers Au  
  ACS Sensors