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Computational Optimization and Applications
  Computational Optimization and Applications  
  Computational Particle Mechanics  
  Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering  
  Computational Psychiatry  
  Computational Research  
  Computational Research Progress in Applied Science & Engineering  
  Computational Science and Discovery  
  Computational Science and Techniques  
  Computational Social Networks  
  Computational Statistics  
  Computational Statistics & Data Analysis  
  Computational Thermal Sciences  
  Computational Toxicology  
  Computational Transportation Science (CTS)  
  Computational Urban Science  
  Computational Visual Media  
  Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering (CWEEE)  
  Computer Aided Chemical Engineering  
  Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering  
  Computer-Aided Design  
  Computer-Aided Design and Applications  
  Computer-Aided Design and Applications (2004 - 2018)  
  Computer Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing (CADDM) (via CAJ)  
  Computer-Aided Engineering Journal  
  Computer Aided Geometric Design  
  Computer Aided Surgery  
  Computer and Information Science (CIS)  
  Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds  
  Computer Applications in Engineering Education  
  Computer Architecture Education (WCAE)  
  Computer Architecture for Non-Numeric Processing (CAW)  
  Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)  
  Computer Assisted Surgery  
  Computer Audit Update  
  Computer & Automation  
  Computer Communications  
  Computer Compacts  
  Computer Engineering and Application Journal (ComEngApp)  
  Computer Engineering and Information Technology Journal  
  Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems  
  Computer Fraud & Security (1996 - 2021)  
  Computer Fraud & Security (2018 - )  
  Computer Fraud & Security Bulletin  
  Computer Games Journal, The (2012-2021)  
  Computer Graphics and Image Processing  
  Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference - Asia (SIGGRAPH Asia)  
  Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australia and South East Asia (GRAPHITE)  
  Computer Graphics Forum  
  Computer Graphics International (CGI)