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Critical Disability Discourse
  Critical Disability Discourse  
  Critical Discourse Studies  
  Critical Education  
  Critical Ethnic Studies  
  Critical Ethnic Studies (2020-) (via JSTOR)  
  Critical Finance Review  
  Critical Flame. A Journal of Literature and Culture  
  Critical Gambling Studies  
  Critical Health  
  Critical Historical Studies  
  Critical Horizons  
  Critical Housing Analysis  
  Critical Inquiry (via PAO)  
  Critical Inquiry  
  Critical Inquiry in Language Studies  
  Critical Intersections in Education  
  Critical Interventions  
  Critical Literacy : Theories and Practices  
  Critical Management Studies  
  Critical Military Studies  
  Critical Multilingualism Studies  
  Critical Musicology : A Transdisciplinary Online Journal  
  Critical Muslim  
  Critical Pathways in Cardiology  
  Critical Perspectives on Accounting  
  Critical Perspectives on International Business  
  Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management  
  Critical Philosophy of Race  
  Critical Policy Studies (Formerly: Critical Policy Analysis)  
  Critical Public Health  
  Critical Quarterly  
  Critical Rationalist, The (TCR)  
  Critical Research on Religion  
  Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society  
  Critical Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal (via PAO)  
  Critical Review in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
  Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy  
  Critical Review, or, Annals of Literature, The (via BPC)  
  Critical Review or Annals of Literature, The (via EBSCO Host)  
  Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry  
  Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  
  Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering  
  Critical Reviews in Biotechnology  
  Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences  
  Critical Reviews In Computed Tomography  
  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (Formerly: (CRC) Critical Reviews in Environmental Control)  
  Critical Reviews in Eukaryotic Gene Expression  
  Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition  
  Critical Reviews in Immunology  
  Critical Reviews in Microbiology