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Digital America
  Digital America  
  Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation  
  Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage  
  Digital Automotive Engineering International (Digital AEI )  
  Digital Biomarkers  
  Digital Business  
  Digital business : cloud  
  Digital Chemical Engineering  
  Digital Chinese Medicine  
  Digital Classics Online  
  Digital Communication Journal  
  Digital Communications and Networks  
  Digital Creativity (formerly Intelligent Tutoring Media)  
  Digital Culture and Society  
  Digital Culture & Education  
  Digital Defoe  
  Digital Dental Magazin  
  Digital Development Debates  
  Digital Diagnostics  
  Digital Discovery  
  Digital Economy and Sustainable Development  
  Digital Economy in Figures / Czech Statistical Office  
  Digital Economy Report  
  Digital Economy Report  
  Digital Education Review  
  Digital Engineering  
  Digital Engineering (IWDE)  
  Digital Enlightenment Studies  
  Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education  
  Digital Factory Journal  
  Digital Factory Journal (via Content Select)  
  Digital Finance  
  Digital Geography and Society  
  Digital Government : Research and Practice  
  Digital Government Research (dg.o)  
  Digital Health  
  Digital Humanities in Berlin  
  Digital Humanities Quarterly: DHQ  
  Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media  
  Digital Identity Management (DIM)  
  Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts (DIMEA)  
  Digital Investigation  
  Digital Journal of Clinical Medicine (DJCM)  
  Digital Journal of Ophthalmology  
  Digital Journalism  
  Digital Kartvelology: The Bilingual Scientific Online Journal of the Academy for Digital Humanities  
  Digital Learning Media Pro - Praxisberichte zum Einsatz digitaler Medien an der Hochschule  
  Digital Libraries (DL)  
  Digital Library Perspectives  
  Digital Medicine