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Microbiota in Health and Disease
  Microbiota in Health and Disease  
  Microchemical Journal  
  Microchimica Acta (Formerly: Mikrochimica Acta ; Mikrochemie vereinigt mit Mikrochimica Acta ; Mikrochimica et Ichnoanalytica Acta)  
  Microcontroller Engineering Review  
  Microcosm (via EBSCO Host)  
  Microcosm / a periodical work, The (via ECJ)  
  Microcosm: or, the Little World of Home (via EBSCO Host)  
  Microeconomics and Macroeconomics  
  Microelectronic Engineering  
  Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics  
  Microelectronics International  
  Microelectronics Journal  
  Microelectronics Reliability  
  Microfinance in Bangladesh  
  Microfluidics and Nanofluidics  
  Microform and Digitization Review  
  Microgram Bulletin  
  Microgram Journal  
  Microgravity Science and Technology  
  Micron (1969-1983)  
  Micron (1993-)  
  Micron and Microscopica Acta  
  Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences  
  Micronesica: Natural Sciences of Micronesia and Related Areas  
  Micronora informations / Association Micronora  
  Micropaleontologist, The (via JSTOR)  
  Micropaleontology (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Microplastics and Nanoplastics  
  Micropolis. Mensile umbro di Politica, Economia e Cultura  
  Microporous and Mesoporous Materials  
  Microporous Materials  
  MicroPower News  
  Microprocessing and Microprogramming  
  Microprocessor Report  
  Microprocessors and Microsystems  
  Microprovincia: Rivista di Cultura  
  MicroPublication / Biology  
  MicroRNA (aktuelle Jahrgänge)  
  MicroRNA Diagnostics and Therapeutics  
  MicroRNAs in Cardiovascular Research  
  Microscope Accessories Guide  
  Microscope & New York Tickler (via EBSCO Host)