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Mobile Technology
  Mobile Technology  
  Mobile Video Delivery (MoVid)  
  Mobile Video (MV)  
  Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems, and Applications (MOBILWARE)  
  Mobilität der Stadt  
  Mobilität der Studienanfänger und Studierenden in Deutschland, Die  
  Mobilität in Nordrhein-Westfalen  
  Mobility and Ubiquity Computing (UbiMob)  
  Mobility in History  
  Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture (MobiArch)  
  Mobility Management and Wireless Access (MobiWac)  
  Mobility Models (MobilityModels)  
  Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics (MVM) : International Journal for Vehicle Mechanics, Engines and Transportation Systems  
  Mobilization: the international quarterly review of social movement research  
  Mobilya ve Ahşap Malzeme Araştırmaları Dergisi = Furniture and Wooden Material Research Journal  
  Moçambique, Inquérito Demográfico e de Saúde  
  Mocaxue-xuebao = Tribology  
  Mocidade Portuguesa Feminina: Boletim Mensal  
  MOCT-MOST : Economic Policy in Transitional Economies  
  mod. dép. (Formerly: Muster und Modelle/Topographien; Schweizerisches Patent-, Muster- und Markenblatt / 3, Muster und Modelle)  
  Mode Revue du Monde Elegant, La  
  Model Assisted Statistics and Applications  
  Model-Based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software (MOMPES)  
  Model Comparison in Practice (IWMCP)  
  Model-Drive Interoperability (MDI)  
  Model Driven Development for Middleware (MODDM)  
  Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation (MoDeVVa)  
  Model Driven Service Engineering and Data Quality and Security (MoSE+DQS)  
  Model Inference In Testing (MIIT)  
  Model Railroader  
  Model Republic, The: A Monthly Journal of Politics, Literature and Theology / Society for the Encouragement of Socialist and Democratic Literature (via GALE)  
  Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital: Condensed Version  
  Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital: Full Version  
  Model Theory  
  Modelagem na Educação Matemática  
  Modèle de Convention Fiscale Concernant le Revenu et la Fortune  
  Modèles Linguistiques  
  Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Complex Networks (Cnet)  
  Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM)  
  Modeling and Analysis of Concerns in Software (MACS)  
  Modeling and Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology (Formerly: Journal for Modeling in Ophthalmology)  
  Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Material Science (MNSMS)  
  Modeling Earth Systems and Environment  
  Modeling, Identification and Control (MIC)  
  Modeling in Software Engineering (MISE)  
  Modeling Social Media (MSM)  
  Modelirovanie i Analiz Informacionnych Sistem  
  Modelling and Simulation in Engineering