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National Human Development Report Romania
  National Human Development Report Romania  
  National Humorist (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Identities  
  National Institute Economic Review  
  National Institute of Justice Journal  
  National Instructor, The (via GALE)  
  National Insurance Programs in Israel  
  National Interest, The (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  National Interest, The (aktuelle Jahrgänge)  
  National Inventory Report ... : Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada  
  National Journal  
  National Journal (1823-1824) (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Journal of Clinical Anatomy  
  National Journal of Community Medicine  
  National journal of education (via JSTOR)  
  National Journal of Life and Health Sciences  
  National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery  
  National Journal of Medical and Dental Research  
  National Journal of Medical Research  
  National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology  
  National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law, The  
  National Journal on Electronic Sciences and Systems  
  National Journal, or Country Gazette, The (via ECJ)  
  National Law Journal, The  
  National Law Review, The  
  National Law School of India Review (via JSTOR)  
  National Library & Advocate (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Library and domestic repository of science, morals, education, biography, history, agriculture, arts, literature, physiology, philosophy, political and domestic economy, and useful knowledge in general (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Library Magazine, The  
  National Library of Australia Staff Papers  
  National Library of Finland Bulletin, The  
  National Library of Medicine: NLM Newsline  
  National Library of Medicine: NLM Technical Bulletin, The  
  National Live-Stock Journal (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine (1830-1831) (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine and General Review, The (via BPC)  
  National Magazine & Industrial Record (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine (New York, NY) (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine, Or, A Political, Historical, Biographical, and Literary Repository (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine or Cabinet of the United States, The (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine, or, Lady's Emporium (via Gerritsen Collection)  
  National Magazine & Republican Review (via EBSCO Host)  
  National Magazine, The (via BPC)  
  National Magazine, The (via JSTOR)  
  National Marketing Review (via JSTOR)  
  National Mathematics Magazine (via JSTOR)  
  National Medical Journal of India  
  National Minimum Wage  
  National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce & Management  
  National Monument (Washington DC 1851) (via EBSCO Host)