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China Standardization (via CAJ)
  China Standardization (via CAJ)  
  China-Telegramm / Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung  
  China Textile (via CAJ)  
  China & the World Cultural Exchange (via CAJ)  
  China Tibetology (via CAJ)  
  China Today (via CAJ)  
  China-USA Business Review  
  China Welding  
  China Welding (via CAJ)  
  China & World Economy  
  China & World Economy (via CAJ)  
  Chinablätter : Links und Infos für China-Interessierte  
  ChinAfrica (via CAJ)  
  Chinas Foreign Trade (via CAJ)  
  Chinas Refractories (via CAJ)  
  Chinas Tibet (via CAJ)  
  Chine dans l'Économie Mondiale, La  
  Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences Annual Report (via CAJ)  
  Chinese America. History and Perspectives  
  Chinese and Arab Studies  
  Chinese Annals of History of Science and Technology (CAHST)  
  Chinese Annals of Mathematics (CAM)  
  Chinese Annals of Mathematics - Series B  
  Chinese Annals of Mathematics,Series B (via CAJ)  
  Chinese Annual of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis  
  Chinese Archaeology  
  Chinese as a Second Language  
  Chinese as a Second Language Research  
  Chinese Astronomy  
  Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics  
  Chinese Birds (via CAJ)  
  Chinese Business Review  
  Chinese Chemical Letters (2007-)  
  Chinese Clinical Oncology  
  Chinese Critical Care Medicine  
  Chinese Cultural Relics  
  Chinese Economy, The  
  Chinese Education and Society  
  Chinese Food Science (via CAJ)  
  Chinese Forestry Science and Technology (via CAJ)  
  Chinese Geographical Science  
  Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology (via CAJ)  
  Chinese German Journal of Clinical Oncology, The  
  Chinese Herbal Medicines (via CAJ)  
  Chinese Herbal Medicines (2012-2019)  
  Chinese Herbal Medicines (2020)-  
  Chinese Historical Review, The (Formerly: Chinese Historians)  
  Chinese Independent Cinema Observer  
  Chinese Journal of Academic Radiology