Spotlights on Reproduction Research

The research group "Varieties of Reproduction Regimes" is delighted to host the speaker series "Spotlights on Reproduction Research" online at 13:00-13:40 CET on Tuesdays in May and June.

The series aims at bringing together scholars working in fields related through a focus on reproduction and will broadly cover five areas of reproduction: abortion, contraception, medically assisted reproduction, pregnancy care, and sexuality education. Everyone is welcome to join and discuss!

Please check out the exciting talks and the scholars who will be presenting. To sign up, please write a short email to reprospeakerseries [at] You will be provided with a Zoom link.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please find the program on the event website.



Organised by:

Anna Kluge, Mio Tamakoshi & Rohan Khan