The Academic Labor Market

Shortage of skilled labor, international competition, cross-industry competition for the best minds. Academia is facing a challenge: how to attract and retain talented professionals in a competitive and dynamic job market environment? How to foster a culture of excellence, diversity, and well-being in the scientific community? In Short: How can science be an attractive, competitive employer

Join us for a series of engaging and interactive webinars via Zoom, where an expert will give a short input talk on these topics and answer your questions. The sessions will be held in German or English – depending on the presenting expert. The topics we are going to address are inter alia:

  • Gender equality and diversity: how to promote inclusion and representation in science
  • Hierarchy and power abuse: how to prevent and address harassment and bullying
  • Leadership: how to develop and demonstrate effective leadership skills in science
  • Organizational change: how to create long-term opportunities and how can this transformation be managed

In each session, one aspect of the academic labor market is going to be addressed. Leading experts from the German science system and/or science policy sphere will contribute an input to explore the respective topic, based on their research insights and / or their experiences as researchers, science managers, and/or policy makers. Half of each session will be devoted to your questions and comments.

The 45 minutes webinars will be held every other week on Monday at 13:00 starting from 25 March 2024. The sessions will be recorded and published as podcast here.

We are happy to welcome anyone who would like to discuss with us. You can register here.




25 March 2024

Hierarchie und Machtmissbrauch

Jana Lasser

8 April 2024

Wie Organisationsstrukturen sich verändern: Vom Lehrstuhl zur Departmentstruktur?

Tobias Rosefeldt

15 April 2024

Führungskompetenz in der Wissenschaft

Rudolf Kerschreiter

29 April 2024

Der akademische Arbeitsmarkt: allgemeines Ideal, einschränkende Realität?

Geraldine Rauch

May 13, 2024

Gute Arbeitsbedingungen in der Wissenschaft – die Rolle des Bundes

Jens Brandenburg

17 June 2024

Gleichstellung und/oder Diversität

Angela Ittel