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Global Media Journal: African Edition
  Global Media Journal: African Edition  
  Global Media Journal: Australian Edition  
  Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition  
  Global Media Journal: German Edition  
  Global Media Journal: Pakistan Edition  
  Global Media Journal : Slovak Edition  
  Global Media Journal: Turkish Edition  
  Global Medical Genetics  
  Global Missiology English  
  Global Mobility Report ...  
  Global Monitoring Report  
  Global Multidimensional Poverty Index ...  
  Global Nest: The International Journal  
  Global Networks : A Journal of Transnational Affairs  
  Global News  
  Global Nutrition Report  
  Global Partners in Education Journal  
  Global Peace Index  
  Global Pediatric Health (GPH)  
  Global Pediatrics  
  Global Perspectives  
  Global Perspectives on Accounting Education  
  Global Perspectives on Japan  
  Global Petroleum Survey ...  
  Global Philosophy  
  Global Policy (gp)  
  Global Political Economy (GPE)  
  Global Privacy Law Review  
  Global Psychiatry  
  Global Psychotherapist, The  
  Global Public Health (2006 - 2022)  
  Global Public Health (2023 - )  
  Global Public Policy and Governance  
  Global Qualitative Nursing Research  
  Global reach: The impact of the EIB beyond the European Union  
  Global & Regional Health Technology Assessment (GRHTA)  
  Global Regional Review  
  Global Report on Adult Learning and Education  
  Global Report on Food Crisis  
  Global Report on Human Settlements / United Nations Human Settlements Programme  
  Global Report on Neglected Tropical Diseases  
  Global Report on Trafficking in Persons  
  Global Report : UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic  
  Global Report / UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency  
  Global Reproductive Health  
  Global Research and Reviews (JAAOS)  
  Global Research Journal of Education  
  Global Responsibility to Protect : GR2P  
  Global Review of Accounting and Finance  
  Global Rheumatology