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Human Fertility (2024 -)
  Human Fertility (2024 -)  
  Human Figurations  
  Human Freedom index ..., The  
  Human Gene  
  Human Gene Therapy  
  Human Gene Therapy. Clinical Development  
  Human Gene Therapy. Methods  
  Human Genetics and Genomics Advances (HGG Advances)  
  Human Genetics (Formerly: Humangenetik)  
  Human Genome News (formerly: Human genome quarterly)  
  Human Genome Variation  
  Human Genomics  
  Human Genomics and Proteomics  
  Human Geographies  
  Human Geography  
  Human, Health & Halal Metrics  
  Human Heredity (-2021)  
  Human Heredity (älter als 4 Jahre) (via JSTOR)  
  Human Heredity (formerly Acta Genetica et Statistica Medica) (2022-)  
  Human Immunology  
  Human-Intelligent Systems Integration  
  Human IT: Journal for Information Technology Studies as a Human Science = Tidskrift för Studier av IT ur ett Humanvetenskapligt Perspektiv  
  Human(ities) and Rights  
  Human Life Review, The  
  Human Microbiome Journal  
  Human Molecular Genetics  
  Human Molecular Genetics (1996 - älter als 12 Monate)  
  Human Movement  
  Human Movement Science  
  Human Mutation (-2022)  
  Human Mutation (2023-)  
  Human Nature  
  Human Nutrition & Metabolism  
  Human Organization  
  Human Parasitic Diseases  
  Human Pathology  
  Human Pathology: Case Reports  
  Human Pathology Reports  
  Human Performance  
  Human Physiology  
  Human Power  
  Human Power e-journal HPeJ  
  Human Psychopharmacology : Clinical and Experimental  
  Human Relations  
  Human Remains and Violence: An Interdisciplinary Journal  
  Human Reproduction  
  Human Reproduction (1996 bis älter als 12 Monate)  
  Human Reproduction Open (HROpen)  
  Human Reproduction Update