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Information Discovery and Delivery
  Information Discovery and Delivery  
  Information Display  
  Information Economics and Policy  
  Information Economy Report  
  Information Economy Report  
  Information Economy Report. Overview  
  Information et Innovation en Éducation  
  Information for Army Meetings / U.S. Christian Commission (via EBSCO Host)  
  Information for Interlinguists (ifi)  
  Information for Social Change  
  Information Forestry  
  Information für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht : infas (via RDB)  
  Information & Functional Materials (IFM)  
  Information Fusion  
  Information Geographique, L'  
  Information Geographique, L'  
  Information Geometry  
  Information Grammaticale, L'  
  Information Grammaticale, L'  
  Information Heterogeneity and Fusion in Recommender Systems (HetRec)  
  Information Infrastructure and Policy  
  Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS)  
  Information Interaction in Context (IIiX)  
  Information, Knowledge, Systems Management  
  Information Littéraire, L' (2001-2008)  
  Information & Management  
  Information Management and Business Review  
  Information Management and Computer Security  
  Information Management (formerly: The Information Management Journal)  
  Information Manager, The  
  Information & Media  
  InFormation: Nordic Journal of Art and Research  
  Information note on the Court's Case-Law  
  Information Outlook  
  Information Photonics  
  Information Polity  
  Information Processing in Agriculture  
  Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN)  
  Information Processing Letters  
  Information Processing & Management  
  Information Professional (Formerly: IET Information Professional; IEEE Information Professional)  
  Information Psychiatrique, L'  
  Information Psychiatrique, L' (älter als 3 Jahre)  
  Information Quality in Information Systems (IQIS)  
  Information Research  
  Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ)  
  Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ) (2023 -)  
  Information Retrieval in Peer-to-peer Networks (P2PIR)  
  Information Retrieval with Asian Languages (IRAL)  
  Information Science, Technology and Applications (ISTA)