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ISRN Soil Science
  ISRN Soil Science  
  ISRN Spectroscopy  
  ISRN Stem Cells  
  ISRN Stroke  
  ISRN Surgery  
  ISRN Thermodynamics  
  ISRN Tissue Engineering  
  ISRN Toxicology  
  ISRN Transplantation  
  ISRN Tribology  
  ISRN Tropical Medicine  
  ISRN Urology  
  ISRN Vascular Medicine  
  ISRN Veterinary Science  
  ISRN Virology  
  ISRN Zoology  
  ISS informiert  
  ISS Newsletter  
  ISSBD Bulletin  
  Issledovaniâ Metodov, Seriâ F  
  Issledovanie Zemli iz Kosmosa  
  Issledovanija po Slavjanskoj Dialektologii  
  Issledovano v Rossii : Elektronnyj Mnogopredmetnyj Naucnyj Zurnal = Investigated in Russia  
  ISSS Journal of Micro and Smart Systems  
  Issue: A Journal of Opinion (via JSTOR)  
  Issues (formerly Newsletter) / European Union Institute for Security Studies  
  Issues in Accounting Education  
  Issues in Applied Linguistics : IAL  
  Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research  
  Issues in Business Management and Economics  
  Issues in Child Abuse Accusations  
  Issues in Christian Education  
  Issues in Criminology : a Social Science Journal in Criminology and Corrections  
  Issues in Education  
  Issues in Educational Research (IIER)  
  Issues in Environmental Science and Technology  
  Issues in Infectious Diseases  
  Issues in Information Systems (IIS)  
  Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  
  Issues in interdisciplinary studies  
  Issues in International Taxation  
  Issues in Language Studies  
  Issues in Legal Scholarship  
  Issues in Mental Health Nursing  
  Issues in Political Economy  
  Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy: Journal of the Association of Latter-day Saint Counselors and Psychotherapists  
  Issues in Science and Technology (1996-)  
  Issues in Science and Technology (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)  
  Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship (ISTL)  
  Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting