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JoVE Lab Manual / Chemistry
  JoVE Lab Manual / Chemistry  
  JoVE - Medicine  
  JoVE - Neuroscience  
  JoVE Science Education / Advanced Biology  
  JoVE Science Education / Basic Biology  
  JoVE Science Education / Chemistry  
  JoVE Science Education / Clinical Skills  
  JoVE Science Education / Engineering  
  JoVE Science Education / Environmental Sciences  
  JoVE Science Education / Physics  
  JoVE Science Education / Psychology  
  Joven Naturalista, O  
  Jovens Pesquisadores  
  Joyce Studies Annual (via JSTOR)  
  Joyce Studies Annual (2001-)  
  JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications  
  JP Journal of Biostatistics  
  JP Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications  
  JP Journal of Geometry and Topology  
  JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer  
  JP Journal of Solids and Structures  
  JPAIR Multidisciplinary Journal  
  JPGN Reports : Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition  
  JPH Recode  
  JPhys Energy (Journal of physics: energy)  
  JPhys Materials (Journal of Physics: Materials)  
  JPhys Photonics (Journal of Physics: Photonics)  
  JPRAS Open: An International Open Access Journal of Surgical Reconstruction  
  JPRI Critique  
  JPS Conference Proceedings  
  JPS Journal of Political Sociology  
  JR EAST Technical Review  
  JRC Statistical Audit of the ... commitment to reducing Inequality Index  
  JRC Wind Energy Status Report  
  JRSM Cardiovascular Disease  
  JRSM Open  
  Js Waters' Literary News-Letter & Monthly Register of New Books, Foreign & American (via EBSCO Host)  
  JSAE Review  
  JSAMS Plus / Sports Medicine Australia  
  JSAP International  
  JSE - Jura-Studium & Examen  
  JSES International  
  JSES Open Access (JSESOA)  
  JSES Reviews, Reports and Techniques  
  JSFA Reports (2021 - 2023)  
  JSFA Reports (2024 -)  
  JSIAM Letters  
  JSME International Journal  
  JSME International Journal. Ser. 1, Solid Mechanics, Strength of Materials  
  JSME International Journal. Ser. 2, Fluids Engineering, Heat Transfer, Power, Combustion, Thermophysical Properties