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Zhongguo-dizhen = Earthquake Research in China
  Zhongguo-dizhen = Earthquake Research in China  
  Zhongguo-dizhi = Geology in China  
  Zhongguo-dizhi-zaihai-yu-fangzhi-xuebao = The Chinese Journal of Geological Hazard and Control  
  Zhongguo Dongmai Yinghua Zazhi = Chinese Journal of Arteriosclerosis  
  Zhongguo-fenti-jishu = China Powder Science and Technology  
  Zhongguo-fushi-yu-fanghu-xuebao = Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection  
  Zhongguo-gaodeng-yixue-jiaoyu : shuangyuekan = China Higher Medical Education  
  Zhongguo-gonggong-weisheng = Chinese Journal of Public Health  
  Zhongguo Gonglu Xuebao = China Journal of Highway and Transport  
  Zhongguo-guangbo-dianshi-xuekan = China Radio and TV Academic Journal  
  Zhongguo-guoshu = China Fruits  
  Zhongguo-gushang (= China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology)  
  Zhongguo-Haiyang-Daxue-xuebao = Periodical of Ocean University of China  
  Zhongguo-huanjing-kexue : Zhongguo Huanjing Kexue Xuehui xuebao ; shuangyuekan = China Environmental Science  
  Zhongguo-jixie-gongcheng = China Mechanical Engineering  
  Zhongguo-kangfu = Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation  
  Zhongguo Kangfu Lilun Yu Shijian = Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice  
  Zhongguo-kangfu-yixue-zazhi : shuangyuekan = Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine  
  Zhongguo-kejishi-zazhi = The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology  
  Zhongguo-Kexue-Jishu-Daxue-Xuebao = Journal of University of Science and Technology of China  
  Zhongguo-Kexueyuan-yuankan : shuangyuekan = Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  
  Zhongguo-Kuangye-Daxue-xuebao : jikan = Journal of China University of Mining and Technology  
  Zhongguo-laodong = China Labour  
  Zhongguo-linchuang-jiepouxue-zazhi : jikan = Chinese Journal of Clinical Anatomy  
  Zhongguo-lishi-dili-luncong : jikan = Journal of Chinese Historical Geography  
  Zhongguo-Lishi-Xuehui-shixue-jikan = Bulletin of the Historical Association of the Republic of China  
  Zhongguo Meitan Gongye Yixue Zazhi = Chinese Journal of Coal Industry Medicine  
  Zhongguo-mengye = China's Manganese Industry  
  Zhongguo-niangzao = China Brewing  
  Zhongguo-nongshi : jikan = Agricultural History of China  
  Zhongguo-nongye-kexue = Scientia Agricultura Sinica  
  Zhongguo-nongye-qixiang = Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology  
  Zhongguo-pifu-xingbing-xue-zazhi : jikan = The Chinese Journal of Dermato-Venereology  
  Zhongguo-qingnian-yanjiu = China Youth Study  
  Zhongguo-ruye = China Dairy  
  Zhongguo-senlin-bingchong = Forest Pest and Disease  
  Zhongguo-shehui-jingjishi-yanjiu : jikan = The Journal of Chinese Social and Economic History  
  Zhongguo-shengtai-nongye-xuebao = Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture  
  Zhongguo-shengwu-fangzhi : jikan = Chinese Journal of Biological Control  
  Zhongguo Shengwu Zhipin Xue Zazhi = Chinese Journal of Biologicals  
  Zhongguo Shiwu Yu Yingyang = Food and Nutrition in China  
  Zhongguo-shiyan-xueyexue-zazhi = Journal of Experimental Hematology  
  Zhongguo-shiyong-yanke-zazhi : yuekan = Chinese Journal of Practical Ophthalmology  
  Zhongguo-shiyongjun = Edible Fungi of China  
  Zhongguo-shucai = China Vegetables  
  Zhongguo-shuichan = China Fisheries  
  Zhongguo-shuichan-kexue = Journal of Fishery Sciences in China  
  Zhongguo-shuidao-kexue = Chinese Journal of Rice Science  
  Zhongguo-tangliao : jikan = Sugar Crops of China  
  Zhongguo-tongji = China Statistics  


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