Daniel Tuki

Daniel Tuki
Daniel Tuki


daniel.tuki [at] wzb.eu
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
B 414
Research Fellow of the Research Department

Daniel Tuki is a Research Fellow in the Migration Integration and Transnationalization Department. He works on conflict studies and economic development. 

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed:

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Violent conflict and expectation about the economy’s performance: Evidence from Nigeria. Economics Letters. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.econlet.2024.111808

Tuki, Daniel (2024) What does the population in Niger think about a military government?  Democratization. https://doi.org/10.1080/13510347.2024.2341314

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Violent conflict and hostility towards ethnoreligious outgroups in Nigeria.  Terrorism and Political Violence. https://doi.org/10.1080/09546553.2023.2285939

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Undead Past: What drives support for the secessionist goal of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Nigeria? Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics. https://doi.org/10.1017/rep.2023.36

Tuki, Daniel (2024). Examining the effect of gender, education and religion on attitudes toward gender equality in Nigeria. Politics, Groups, and Identities. https://doi.org/10.1080/21565503.2024.2304311

Working papers:

Tuki, Daniel (2024)Inverted “U” of fear: The paradox of conflict exposure and expected victimization in Kaduna, Nigeria. Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 411)

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Gender and migration aspirations in Nigeria: A comparative study of the states of Edo and Kaduna. Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 408)

Tuki, Daniel (2024) Suffering and smiling: What determines happiness among Nigerians? Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper No. 407)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) You’re not welcome! Violence and support for a grazing ban policy in Kaduna, Nigeria.  Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 397) 

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Under God’s protective wings: Does exposure to violent conflict make Nigerians value God more?  Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 392)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Is there a Religious Dimension to Concern About Farmer-Herder conflicts in Nigeria? Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 391)

Tuki, Daniel (2023) Pastoral conflicts and (dis)trust: Evidence from Nigeria using an instrumental variable approach. WZB Discussion Paper (SP VI 2023–101)

Tuki, Daniel (2022) The Effect of Violent Conflict on the Socioeconomic Condition of Households in Nigeria: The Case of Kaduna State. Households in Conflict Network (Working Paper 373)


Tuki, Daniel (2024) Militär und Demokratie: Hintergründe des Putsches in Niger 2023. WZB Mitteilungen, No. 184.

Tuki, Daniel (2022) Blutige Landkonflikte: Kämpfe zwischen Hirten und Bauern in Nigeria haben vielfältige Ursachen. WZB Mitteilungen, June 2022. No. 176.

Tuki, Daniel (2021) Armer Norden, reicher Süden: Die Spaltung Nigerias reicht weit in die Geschichte zurück. WZB Mitteilungen, June 2021, No. 172.

Tuki, Daniel (2020) Brandbeschleuniger: Die Corona-Pandemie Verschärft Nigeria’s Soziale und Ökonomische Probleme. WZB Mitteilungen, September 2020, No. 169.