Franziska Kößler, PhD

Portrait Foto Franziska Kößler (Martina Sander, WZB)
Martina Sander, WZB


franziska.koessler [at]
Former Scholarship Holder des Promotionskollegs

Research fields

Labor and Labor Market


Franziska Kößler is a psychologist who held a scholarship of the program “Good Work”. In her dissertation she researches what effect diversity in working groups has on health and contentment. She graduated in 2016 at the Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg.

Selected Publications

Hoppe A., Bamberg E., & Kößler F.J. (2020) Stress und Gesundheit in der interkulturellen Arbeitswelt. In Ringeisen T., Genkova P., Leong F. (eds.), Handbuch Stress und Kultur. Springer.

Kößler, F.J., & Fujishiro, K. (2019, November 6-9). What can we impute from O*NET? An exploratory study on the correspondence between O*NET and self-reported data on psychological job characteristics [Paper presentation]. Work, Stress, and Health: What does the future hold? The 13th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Kößler, F.J., Veit, S., & Hoppe, A. (2019, May 29-June 1). Nationality versus qualification? A survey experiment on the salience of two diversity dimensions. In F.J. Kößler & A. Marcinko (Chairs), Training, recruitment, and diversity management as drivers of inclusivity in organizations [Symposium]. 19th EAWOP Congress, Turin, Italy.

Kößler, F.J., Hoppe, A., & Veit, S. (2018, September 15-20). Ethnic diversity, social interactions, and job strain among immigrant workers in retail stores. In A. Hoppe & R. Kerschreiter (Chairs), Current research perspectives on migration, acculturation, and immigrant worker well-being [Symposium]. 51. DGPs-Kongress, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Homann, B., & Kößler, F. (2015). Kompetenzorientierte Evaluation des adaptiven Schulungskonzepts TUBLIK der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg. O-Bib. Das Offene Bibliotheksjournal / Herausgeber VDB, 2(4), 211-225.

Kößler, F.J., & Nitzschner, M.M. (2015). Learning Online: A Comparison of Different Media Types. Technology Knowledge, and Learning, 20(2), 133–146.