Different yet the same? Social Mobility in the process of occupational choice (PhD-Thesis)

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In her dissertation Juliane Pehla analyses under which circumstances occupation-related resources and their transmission lead to occupational aspirations and choices of adolescence that are similar to the occupations of their parents. A special focal point of the project will be on inner-familial same-sex transmissions of occupations.

Juliane Pehla will use data from the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), starting cohort 4, for her analyses. The data enables her to analyse which educational or vocational path adolescents choose after completing the ninth grade of a general educating school. Thus, the data are particularly suitable for an analysis of the changes and adaptations of occupational aspirations in school-to-work transitions.

Until now, the underlying mechanisms why occupational positions are key to mobility processes are largely unexplored. Why is there a greater intergenerational immobility in some occupations than others? Thus, Juliane Pehla’s dissertation project is intended to make a substantial contribution to research in the area of social mobility and occupational choice processes.