INSIGHTS aims to support and promote the communication of research and to contribute to its transfer to the public.

The communication of academic research in economics is of vital importance to stimulate public debates and inform political decisions. However, successful communication and research-based policy advice is difficult: the advice needs to be timely and it needs to be supported by solid research findings. The communication needs to be clear and concise, while uncertainty and caveats need to be identified and explained. These high standards of communication are the basis for INSIGHTS.

Today transfer and policy communication is mainly in the hands of few generalists who are popular experts, very experienced in communication, and therefore highly demanded by the media. We aim to encourage and support specialists who are working on the research frontier of relevant topics to communicate their research results to the public and to policy makers.

INSIGHTS has two main pillars, a platform of exchange between researchers, policymakers, the media, and the public, and the provision of professional guidance and formal training on how to interact with the public and communicate academic methods and results for junior researchers.

Knowledge labs

INSIGHTS will be supported by a network of senior scholars as leaders of knowledge labs. They will advise junior researchers regarding communication and co-creation activities.

- Regulation and competition (Roland Strausz, HU Berlin)

- Firm policy and managerial decision-making (Anja Schöttner, HU Berlin)

- Environmental economics (Claudia Kemfert, DIW)

- Monetary economics and financial markets (Dieter Nautz, FU Berlin)

- Behavioral economics, gender, and education (Dorothea Kübler, WZB and TU Berlin).

- Public Economics (Christian Traxler, Hertie School)

- Digitalization, labor markets, and inequality (Alexandra Spitz-Oener, HU Berlin)

- Labor market policy and entrepreneurship (Marco Caliendo, U Potsdam)

- Demographic change and social policy (Peter Haan, DIW and FU Berlin)



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