Career Development

Academic careers are taken into account in the advancement of doctoral and post-doctoral candidates at the WZB, however, this assistance also encourages transition to other fields. The basic parameters of scholarship at the WZB should form a good point of departure for transition later to employment in science, economics, politics, and within associations.

Guidelines to career advancement at the WZB form the foundation. They consist of a Code of Conduct of good academic mentoring, a catalogue of supportive measures for further qualification in science, as well as rules adopted within the framework of certification received in 2010 through the auditberufundfamilie®.

The WZB makes so-called flexible funding available for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates within the WZB to initiate and complete research work, to support publication of dissertations, research residencies abroad, and participation in mentoring programs. It cultivates networks of doctoral and postdoctoral candidates within the WZB, cooperation with graduate schools in Berlin, and exchange with scientific institutions throughout Germany and abroad.

To advance early independence, the WZB supports its employees in their applications for independent junior research groups at the DFG or other grant organizations, and offers external junior research groups the opportunity to come to the WZB. At the moment, there are two independent junior research groups.

Foto: David Ausserhofer
Foto: David Ausserhofer

Further information

Work and family

Since 2010 the audit berufundfamilie (Work-Family Audit) Certificate distinguishes the WZB as a family-friendly employer.

EU Commission acknowledges the WZB's HR Management.