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Islam and Liberalism in Contemporary Society

The aim of this event series is to discuss the relationship between Islam and liberal democracy with Muslim and Muslim-born intellectuals (scholars, practitioners and activists) who adopt different approaches to the faith but are united by a firm commitment toward liberal democratic values and individual rights. Hosting both lectures and debates, the cycle will address various methodological and substantive issues in a captivating and accessible format, with the aim of countering stereotypes and showing the diversity within Islam to the larger public.


Upcoming Events


30 March 2023

LGBT rights and Islam: Inherent oxymoron or possible harmony?


20 April 2023

Women's rights and Islam


9 May 2023

Law of God or law of people? The role of Islam in modern state law, between secularism and accommodation


6 June 2023

Exegesis of Islamic scriptures: What role for critical thinking? Perspectives from liberal Muslims



Past Events


23 February 2023

Islam and Liberal Democracy in Global Perspective



Thumbnail LIS Kuru + Koopmans 23.02.2023

Islam and Liberal Democracy in Global Persepctive

Keynote Lecture by Ahmet Kuru

February 23, 2023 - WZB


Elisabeth Schüler
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Melinda Biolchini
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