Blick in den Wintergarten

The WZB employs approximately 500 people – in research, service and administration – and offers a modern working environment, where both equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family are highly valued.

Recruitment procedure
The WZB is committed to open, transparent and merit-based recruitment (OTM-R). The Institute emphasises the importance of fair recruitment procedures and making advertised positions internationally visible. All persons involved in selection procedures are regularly informed about the standards and processes of recruitment procedures applicable at the WZB.

Research at the WZB
Scholars working in various disciplines conduct research at the WZB. In the typically multidisciplinary research teams, experienced and young scholars (doctoral and post-doctoral candidates) work together. The WZB regularly posts job opportunities for research assistants.

The WZB fosters young academics. Learn more here.

Student Work and Internships
Students support the work of WZB research units and thus gain first experience in sociological research and its methods. The WZB regularly posts job opportunities for students.

The WZB offers placements within our research groups and service departments (e.g. the Library, the Department of Communications or IT Department) for individuals required to complete an internship as part of their school or university degree. If you are interested, please get in touch with the respective head of department. We recommend contacting each department beforehand via phone or email before handing in an application.

The WZB is also involved in vocational training and offers positions in professional office communication and office management. In 2010, two additional spots were occupied in the new program in professional market and social research. We also offer apprenticeships in the field of system integration.

Equal Opportunities and Achieving a Work-Life Balance at the WZB
The WZB Social Science Center realized early on how important it is for all employees to benefit from equal opportunities and family-friendly working conditions – and that this in turn can generate a competitive advantage in personnel recruitment. 

Questions of equal opportunities as well as family-friendly standards form part of a good personnel policy. They are reflected in the strategic goals and their structural implementation, for instance in academic career development, the creation of a uniform personnel development concept, equal opportunities, family-friendly working conditions, and the establishment of flexible target quota for equality between men and women according to the cascade model.

Learn more about equal opportunities and work-life balance at the WZB.

International Support Services
To support foreign researchers who arrive at the WZB as employees or visiting researchers, the International Support Services have been set up to deal with questions regarding visa procedures, work permits, residence rights and more. The WZB is registered with the Berlin Business Immigration Service (BIS) of the Berlin State Immigration Office and benefits from its advice tailored especially to international professionals from the scientific community.