Stab der Präsidentin des WZB
David Ausserhofer
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The President represents the WZB to the outside world, develops the pillars of the institute’s research policy, sets strategic goals for the further development of the institute, and opens up new ways and partnerships in order to strength research in the social sciences. The presidential department supports her in this role.

Specifically, the tasks of the presidential department include maintaining existing institutional relationships and international contacts, as well as developing them further. By building new national and international partnerships, the staff of the presidential department are active in the design of the research landscape. They inform and provide advice to the research and research-support staff of the WZB in career-related questions, and offer a wide range of measures for professional development. They devise strategies for the cooperation of universities and non-university research institutes, and design formats that contribute towards a better connection of areas of society.

Corinne Heaven and Gregor Hofmann are the heads of the presidential department. Central point of contact is the office of the president, headed by Miriam Godefroid. The President’s research manager, Anja Blessing, and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner, Katarina Pollner are also part of the presidential department.