Federal Republic of Germany, Land Berlin


Board of Trustees

Ulrich Schüller
Deputy Chair:
Dr. Jutta Koch-Unterseher


Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Christine Landfried


Academic Council

Prof. Dr. h.c. Jutta Allmendinger Ph.D
Dr. Christian Basteck





Prof. Dr. h.c. Jutta Allmendinger Ph.D.
Managing Director
Ursula Noack

Research Professorship
Research Professorship

Research Professor

Visiting Research Professorship

Visiting Research Professors

Visiting Research Professorship

Visiting Research Professors


Research Managers

Research Area Dyamics of Social Inequalities:
Dr. Anna Fenner
Research Area Markets and Choice:
Babette Hagemann
Research Area Digitalization and Societal Transformation:
Samantha Gupta
Research Area International Politics and Law:
Editha von Colberg
Research Area Dynamics of Political Systems:
Dr. Elisabeth Gößwein
Research Area Migration and Diversity:
Dr. Wilma Rethage
Research Area Political Economy of Development:
Dr. Wilma Rethage
Academic Service:
Babette Hagemann
Presidential Department:
Thomas Crowe


Presidential Department

Dr. Corinne Heaven
Dr. Gregor Hofmann


Department of Communications

Dr. Harald Wilkoszewski



Jana Girlich


Academic Service

Research Information
Mathis Fräßdorf, Ph.D.

IT and eScience
Dr. Peter Löwe



Personnel and Legal Matters:
Frank Ottens
Finance Services:
Dr. Frank Zuther
Purchasing and Building Administration:
Nicole Griepentrog
Internal Services:
Thomas Schuh


Works Council

Udo Borchert


Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Katarina Pollner


Dr. Alexandra Scacco

Dr. Christian Brzinsky-Fay

Data Protection Commissioner

Patrick J. Droß

Representative for Disabled Employees

Ralf Künster

Security Commissioner

Thorsten Blunk

Contact person for the prevention of corruption

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Folke Schuppert

Liaison Officer for Substance Abuse Problems

Gabriele Kammerer