Discussion Papers

The findings of the current research at WZB are published in the "Discussion Papers". Many of these papers can be seen later in professional journals or edited volumes. The Discussion Papers are aimed at scientists as well as experts working in politics, economics and society.

Just published:

Maja Adena, Julian Harke: COVID-19 and pro-sociality: How do donors respond to local pandemic severity, increased salience, and media coverage? (PDF)

Günther Schmid: Eine Europäische Arbeitslebensversicherung? Auf den Spuren des Revolutionärs Immanuel Kant (PDF)

Sophie Hofmeister, Johannes Lindenau, Anina Mischau, Anna Ransiek, Heike Solga: Erste Befunde aus dem Projekt „MATH+ as a Research Object“: Karriereziele, -wissen und -handeln, Nachwuchsförderung und Rekrutierung (PDF)

Marco Giesselmann, David Brady, Tabea Naujoks: The Social Consequences of the Increase in Refugees to Germany 2015-2016 (PDF)

Teresa Backhaus, Yves Breitmoser: Inequity Aversion and Limited Foresight in the Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma (PDF)

Dany Kessel, Johanna Mollerstrom, Roel van Veldhuizen: Can simple advice eliminate the gender gap in willingness to compete (PDF)

Thamy Pogrebinschi: Codebook for the LATINNO Dataset. Technical Report (PDF)

Discussion Papers of the Research Areas


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