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Mattias Kumm's research focuses on the theory and practice of constitutionalism and human rights on the national, European and global levels. How should we think of the basic institutions and categories of existing law and how should they be progressively developed, if we take seriously the widely embraced idea that any claim to legitimate authority must be based on the rule of law, democracy and human rights? Conversely, which concepts, doctrines and institutional practices effectively fall short in light of the principles they claim to reflect? One of his current projects is to analyze constitutionalism theoretically and historically as a revolutionary, transformative, and militant practice, to help better understand contemporary challenges and reflect on possible responses to these challenges.


Hilde Ottschofski
hilde.ottschofski [at] wzb.eu
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Research Projects

Science Friction: Patterns, Causes and Effects of Academic Freedom Contestations

Liberal Order, Legitimate Authority and Disagreement: On the limits of legitimate disagreement (LOLAD)

Supra-Nat MSCA Project


Mattias Kumm


Keynote in Israel: Mattias Kumm on Authoritarian Populism as a Challenge to Judicial Review of Rights

Selected Publications

Dieter Gosewinkel's "Struggles for Beloning: Citizenship in Europe, 1900-2020" has been published by Oxford University Press.

Edited Volume

"Public Reason and Courts" edited by Mattias Kumm, Silje Langvatn and Wojciech Sadurski has been published by Cambridge University Press.

Edited Volume

"Global Constitutionalism from European and East Asian Perspectives" edited by Mattias Kumm, Takao Suami, Anne Peters and Dimitri Vanoverbeke has been published by Cambridge University Press.


Check out Dieter Gosewinkel's article on "The Constitutional State" in "The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History" (OUP).

Edited Volume

Mattias Kumm's "The Turn to Justification: On the Structure and Domain of Human Rights Practice" has been published in "Human Rights: Moral or Political?" (OUP) edited by Adam Etinson.

Edited Volume

"Anti-liberal Europe: Neglected Story of Europeanization" edited by Dieter Gosewinkel has been published by Berghahn Books. 

Edited Volume

Kriszta Kovács's "Changing Constitutional Identity via Amendment" appears in "Constitutional Acceleration within the European Union and Beyond" (Routledge) edited by Paul Blokker.


Jakob Zollmann's "Naulila 1914. World War I in Angola and International Law" has been published by Nomos.