Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Highlighting Best and Worst Practices in the Gig Economy: An Introduction to the Fairwork Foundation

WZB Talk by Mark Graham


Around the world, the 'gig economy' is synonymous with precious, low-paid, and dangerous jobs. The first part of this talk asks why. It argues that, by harnessing their organizational and geographical disembeddedness, gig economy platforms repeatedly evade regulatory and worker-led efforts to tame them. The second part of this talk introduces the 20-country action-research Fairwork project. It outlines how Fairwork seeks to not just understand working conditions in the gig economy, but also change them. It does so by showing that poor working conditions are an active choice made by platforms and regulators rather than an inevitable outcome of technological change. 

Mark Graham is Visiting Researcher of the WZB Research Group Globalization, Work and Production and the Professor of Internet Geography at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Please note that this event takes place in English only with no translation.

The event is part of the WZB Talks series.

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