Emanuela Koskimies


Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit


Emanuela Koskimies, PhD candidate at the Department of Political and Economic Studies of the University of Helsinki, was guest at the Global Governance unit in February-March 2017. Her research work operates at the intersection between normative international theory and the politics of international law, and she is primarily interested in how the interaction of norms and power shapes international society. Her doctoral dissertation explores the norm of ‘sovereignty as responsibility’, and, more specifically, its institutionalization within the framework of the International Criminal Court (ICC). During her stay at the WZB, she focused on the conceptualization of sovereignty, investigating its dual quality as both norm and fact, and how this bears upon questions of normative change.

Selected Publications

“‘Conditional Sovereignty’ from Theory to Institutional Practice. Rethinking Norms, Power and Inequality” (under review for publication in an edited volume by Dr. Ekaterina Yahyaoui, Brill) (2016)

“The International Criminal Court and State Sovereignty”. Talk recorded for the research cluster ‘Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law’, available at CAICL Author videos http://www.caicl.net/2015/12/15/caicl-author-videos/ (2015)