Dr. Kathrin Böhling


Former Staff Member of the Research Department


Kathrin Böhling was a member of the research unit 'Transnational Conflicts and International Institutions' (TKI) where she resided from September 2008 to July 2009. She studied sociology in Amsterdam and Berlin, and, prior to her work in the TKI research unit, was a member of the WZB’s research unit 'Innovation and Organization'. Katrin Böhling’s earlier research dealt with organizational learning in the European Commission – the subject of her dissertation – and social development processes (Vergesellschaftung) in the context of the United Nations’ World Summits. Her work in the TKI research unit concerned the role of non-state actors in global governance and the dynamics of international institutions. Katrin Böhling continues to pursue these interests in her current position as research associate with the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy at the Technical University of Munich, where her work focuses in particular on changes in governance structures as these relate to international environmental politics and policy.