Dr. Katrin Radtke


Former Staff Member of the Research Department


Katrin Radtke was a research fellow in the unit, 'Transnational Conflicts and International Institutions' (TKI), from March 2005 to April 2007. She was simultaneously enrolled at the Humboldt University in Berlin where she completed her dissertation as a member of the junior research group on 'The Micro-Politics of Armed Groups', focusing on diasporal mobilization by armed insurgents. During her term at the WZB, she contributed to the development of the research unit's program. Her main tasks included further specification of the area, 'New Global Issues, Governance and Social Mobilization,' and work on the project 'Transnational Solidarity from the Viewpoint of Humanitarian Crises and the Humanitarian Aid Policy Network.' In May 2007, Katrin Radtke joined the staff of the German Welthungerhilfe in Bonn.