(Un)Solvable Problems?

Social Science Perspectives on the Challenges of our Times

Online event series at the WZB

15 September to 8 December 2023, on Fridays from 9 to 10 a.m.

Our society is facing many challenges: the loss of trust in politics, doubts about democratic processes, climate change, demographic upheaval, wars, loss of wealth and increased social inequality. The problems are becoming increasingly complex, and there are no simple solutions. All of this creates uncertainty.

The WZB researches basic social problems and therefore has a special mission. For this series of events, all research departments have joined forces to place challenges like these in the major lines of development of our time.

The researchers cannot offer big solutions, but they can share their knowledge. Findings from their analyses are intended to inform and enrich politics, business and society.

You can listen to all events in our blog.