27 - 29 November 2024

Migration, Conflict, and Climate Change

10th WZB Annual Conference on Migration and Diversity


Keynote speaker for the WZB Annual Address on Migration and Diversity is Halvard Buhaug, Research Director at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and Professor of Political Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Migration, conflict, and climate change are some of the most pressing challenges of our time, each with profound implications for societies and economies worldwide. Climate change is not just an environmental issue; it exacerbates existing social and political tensions, and may lead to displacement, conflict, and forced migration. As these issues increasingly intersect, understanding their complex relationships becomes crucial for scholars and practitioners across various disciplines.

This conference brings together scholars from economics, political science, sociology, and human geography who look at migration and its intersections with conflict and climate change from both theoretical and/or methodological points of view. We invite work that deals with the following three core issues:

  • Climate change as a determinant of migration
  • Conflict as a driver of migration
  • The interaction between climate change and conflict

We welcome work that deals with forced migration, labor migration, family migration, or return, among others, as well as work that considers types of conflict such as civil wars, terrorism, protests, and international wars. We also invite innovative empirical research leveraging qualitative and (quasi) experimental evidence, unique survey data, ethnographic studies, or entirely new data sources, and welcome applications by scholars proposing new theoretical approaches. Research with a regional focus on Africa is particularly welcome, but not a requirement.


We invite paper proposals by both junior and senior scholars. Please submit an abstract of up to 400 words and a CV (up to 3 pages) via email to

mad-office [at] wzb.eu

by June 30 2024. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by July 19, 2024.