Friday, 14 June 2013

Subsidiarity as a model for the future


The concept of subsidiarity doesn’t play an explicit role in the current political debate: neither in the discussion about the policy of commitment, nor in the discourses about the demographic change, about the personal responsibility of citizens, the new importance of municipalities or the renaissance of neighborhoods as places of lived solidarity.  But these topics affect the fundamental idea of subsidiarity.

The Conferene will examine the question why the concept of subsidiarity and all other concepts associated with it don’t currently play a role. It will clarify what subsidiarity means in a modern society with changing statehood and with a developing civil society. It will try to answer the question, what the implications are that could arise from re-conceptualising subsidiarity.

The Conference is a joint event of the Hans Boeckler Foundation and the WZB. It is part of the Berliner Stiftungswoche 2013.