Curriculum vitae

born 12 01 1948 in Bartelsdorf/Deutschland
Country of citizenship: Germany      

Primary and secondary education in Hamburg, Germany.      

Military service      

Attended the University of Kiel and Free University of Berlin; majored in political science and sociology, respectively; awarded Master's degree (Diplom) in political science.      

Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Science, Free University of Berlin: collaborated on a research project, "Politics and Ecology in Advanced Industrial Societies"; developed and implemented cross-national comparative studies on clean air policy and the regulation of chemical substances      

1978 -
present Senior researcher at the Social Science Research Center in the research unit, "Standard-Setting and the Environment".

Awarded doctorate (Dr. phil.) from the Free University of Berlin; subject of dissertation: "The Basic Elements of Successful Environmental Policy".

Habilitated with the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin; habilitation topic: “Studies on Environmental Instruments: Overview and Critical Analysis”          

Conducted several long-term, cross-national studies on environmental policy, capacity building, and new instruments of conflict resolution.

Conducted several seminars on environmental policy, instruments and mechanisms of environmental policy, and alternative dispute resolution at the Free University, the Technical University of Berlin, and other universities in Germany and abroad. Worked as an expert consultant in various countries. Author and editor of several books in German, English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Research Interests

Environmental policy in Germany and Japan

cross-national analysis of environmental policy

analysis of environmental success cases

environmental capacity building

Multistakeholder cooperation on environmental issues

globalization of environmental policy

environmental governance

Current Research Projects

Climate Change Policy and Equity (Global Justice) in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The role of moral capacities in global negotiations and political responses of industrial countries to climate change

Multistakeholder Cooperation in Sustainable Development Policy – With Special Focus on Civil Society Groups and the Mining Sector

Past Research Projects

Acted as director or co-director of several major cross-national comparative studies on environmental policies and politics, including

Politicization of International Institutions, Book Project

Global Equity and Sustainable Development Policy in Germany: The Case of Climate Change Policy (2001-2004)

Environmental Capacity Building in 30 Countries (1996-2001)

Work and Ecology – a Transdisciplinary Project on Sustainable Development (1998-2000)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Environmental Conflicts in 12 Countries (1992-1998)

Cross-National Comparison of Environmental Success Cases (1993-1995)

The Politics of Reducing Vehicle Emissions in Britain and Germany (1988-1991)

Analysis and Evaluation of Environmental Policies and Politics in Japan (several projects) (1975-1990)

Cross-national Comparison of Environmental Monitoring and Reporting in 12 Countries (1989-1991)

Standard-Setting and Implementation: Air Pollution Control Policy in European Countries (1979-1985)

Memberships and Consultant

Member of the International Assurance Group of the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) (2000-2002)

Since 2000 Ombudsman for Securing Good Scientific Practice at the WZB.

Member of the Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (German Association of Political Science)

Editor (with Professor Peter Knoepfel) of the book series "Ökologie und Gesellschaft" (Basel and Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Helbing & Lichtenhahn)

Since 1996 Consultant on environmental policy issues; government-appointed foreign expert for the Swiss National Environmental Research Program


Summer 2010
Project Course(4 SWS)
International and Comparative Environmental and Climate Policy
Freie Universität Berlin