Maximilian Greb

Maximilian Greb
Bernhard Ludewig


maximilian.greb [at]
Sekretariat +49 30 25491 538
E 423
Student Assistant of the Research Group


Maximilian Greb is is a student assistant in the research group "Globalization, Work and Production". 

He is currently studying philosophy and history of art at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He is particularly interested in questions of political economy and its digital and cultural transformation.

At the WZB, he works in the DFG project "Global production post Covid-19: Assessing the geographical restructuring of firms and industries in global production networks (Covid19-GPNs)". In addition, he supports various projects of the research group "Globalisation, Work and Production".

Selected Publications

Ferdinand, J., Fitterer, S. & Greb, M. (2024): Ist es Spiel oder Arbeit? In der Videospielindustrie werden Kinder zu Mitentwickler:innen – ohne klare Regelungen, WZBrief Arbeit, Nr. 25, Berlin.

Krzywdzinski, M., & Greb, M. (2023). Teamwork: From Self-Managed to Lean and Agile Teams. In L. Herzog & B. Zimmermann (Hrsg.), Shifting Categories of Work. Unsettling the Ways We Think about Jobs, Labor, and Activities, New York: Routledge,73–86. Routledge.

Ahmad, S., & Greb, M. (2022). Automating social media content moderation: implications for governance and labour discretion, Work in the Global Economy2(2), 176–198.