(Un)Solvable Problems?

Seil mit Knoten

Always on Fridays and online: In a new event series, WZB researchers present their findings on the challenges of our time for discussion. Next Friday, September 29, Ruud Koopmanns will speak about the challenges of European refugee policy.

Local Politics in Populism Studies

The connection between the local level and populism is being lost in the shuffle. Populism researchers focus mostly on national politics. A local perspective can help identify different types of populist actors and their strategies, argues Eliška Drápalová, Research Fellow of the Research Group Politics of Digitalization, in the ECPR blog post. She recommends, that scholars of populism should cast off methodological nationalism and adopt a multi-level perspective. 

ESR-Prize for Irene Pañeda Fernández

Foto Irene Paneda
David Ausserhofer

Congratulations to Irene Pañeda Fernández! The WZB-sociologist was awarded the "ESR Prize for the Best Article of the Year 2023" for her study on the impact of natural disasters on redistribution preferences.

Call for Applications for a Two-Year Fellowship at the WZB

The Kohli Foundation for Sociology provides financial support for an excellent postdoctoral researcher to spend two years at the WZB. The 2024 call for applications is now open. 

Democracy causes growth

Liberal democratic systems lead to a permanent increase in economic growth. In their study, Vanessa Boese-Schlosser and Markus Eberhardt show which democratic institutions make this effect possible.

Internet shutdowns and elections in authoritarian regimes

How does internet access and its disruption influence electoral conduct under authoritarian governments? A study by Lisa Garbe, using  Uganda as an example.

Three Thomas Mann Fellows from the WZB

We are very pleased that three researchers from the WZB have been selected for a stay at the Thomas Mann House. As Thomas Mann Fellows, Pola Lehmann, Johannes Gerschewski and Dieter Gosewinkel will exchange ideas with ten other personalities on the focus topic "Democracy and Vulnerability" next year.

Gender Gap in College Aspirations

A new study explores the gender gap in college aspirations and enrollment among high school students in Germany.

Access to Justice as a Human Right

Michael Wrase has published an essay on access to justice as a human right and the importance of a responsive legal system.