Dr. Mira Fischer

mira fischer
Bernhard Ludewig


mira.fischer [at] wzb.eu
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
D 122
Research Fellow of the Research Department

Mira Fischer is a behavioral and education economist in the Market Behavior research unit and conducts research on topics including educational decisions and success, incentives in the educational system, mental health, mindfulness, policy preferences, teamwork, and work motivation. She uses randomized field and survey experiments and causal analyses with administrative data, among other methods.

since September 2018  Postdoc, WZB

2018       PhD in Economics, University of Cologne

2011       MSc International Economics, University of Konstanz

2008       BA Philosophy and Political Science, University of Konstanz

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Selected Publications

Fischer, M., Wagner, V. (2023) Do Timing and Reference Frame of Feedback Influence High-Stakes Educational Outcomes?, Economics of Education Review, 94

Fischer, M., Rilke, R.M., Yurtoglu, B.B. (2023) When, and Why, do Teams Benefit from Self-Selection?, Experimental Economics

Fischer, M., Sliwka, D. (2018) Confidence in Knowledge or Confidence in the Ability to Learn: An Experiment on the Causal Effects of Beliefs on Motivation, Games and Economic Behavior, 111, 122-142

Fischer, M., Kauder, B., Potrafke, N., Ursprung, H.W. (2017) Support for Free-Market Policies and Reforms: Does the Field of Study Influence Students’ Political Attitudes? European Journal of Political Economy, 48, 180-197

Fischer, M., Kampkötter, P. (2017) Effects of German Universities’ Excellence Initiative on Ability Sorting of Students and Perceptions of Educational Quality, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 173(4), 662-687

Fischer, M., Lotz, S. (2014) Ist sanfter Paternalismus ethisch vertretbar? Eine differenzierende Betrachtung aus Sicht der Freiheit, Sozialer Fortschritt/German Review of Social Policy, 63(3), 52-58

Research fields

Education and Inequality | Organizations | Political Preferences