Kinder im Bus
Fabian Zapatka

Health and well-being

The WZB Mitteilungen appear in a new look, fresh and redesigned. The current print issue, that will be published in the next days, and the Mitteilungen online focus on health and well-being. In both formats we circulate around the question of what keeps people healthy - and what society has to do with it. How does inequality affect health - especially in dealing with the pandemic? How can the relationship between health and social situation be measured? Why is the pandemic also a stress test for societies? How does a good neighborhood affect the well-being of migrants? These and many other questions are explored by our researchers in the current issue.

You can you have a first glance at the new WZB Mitteilungen here (PDF in German). The first online articles on our new focus can be found directly below this text.

What Makes America Sick

The United States is in the midst of a population health crisis. Americans born today are projected to die three years younger than peers born in other wealthy democracies. This decline in longevity is unprecedented and worrying.


Lots of Work, Poor Conditions

What health risks are workers in the German platform economy exposed to? A new study by the Fairwork project identified three overarching risks.


"Children are very vulnerable"

Interview with Jianghong Li about her research, her cross-discipline approach and the importance of thinking outside the box.