Michèle Lamont

Professor of Sociology at the Harvard University was our guest and guest of the department Cultural Sources of Newness.


Prof. Christine Musselin, Director of the Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO) in Paris was our guest in June 2009. Her main interests lie in areas of university management incorporated in a larger debate about organization and decision theories, in education systems and policies that are managed by public authorities, as well as in studies of the higher education labor market.


Dr. Rajani Naidoo, is director of the Doctoral Programme in Higher Education Management at the University of Bath (UK). She was visiting the research group from 19.11. - 19.12.2008. She has  published extensively on various aspects of higher education and is on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Sociology of Education and Studies in Higher Education.  Her research interests include transnational higher education,  the role of higher education in developing countries, higher education and social justice and the changing academic profession.


Jürgen Enders is Professor at the School of Management und Governance and Director of the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS), Universität Twente, the Netherlands. From 19.11. - 19.12. 2009 he was guest scholar of the research group 'Science Policy Studies' in the research area 'Society and Economic Dynamics'. His research interests include the Governance of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation; Organisation and Management of Higher Education; Science as a Vocation.


Sabine Maasen, Professor of the University Basel in Switzerland was visiting the research group science policy studies from March till May 2008.