Platform Mobility 4.0

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Problem description

Data-based innovations are not directly visible, which makes it often very difficult for potential providers and users to evaluate both the risks and benefits of digital mobility services. The visual demonstration of digital ideas is thus important to enable a qualified and differentiated discussion around digital innovations in the mobility sector. It could encourage targeted discussions to increase the economic participation and societal acceptance and develop sustainable mobility products and services for the end user.

Project goals

The joint collaboration “Mobility 4.0” between the InnoZ and the WZB investigates the potential of the projects funded by mFund to increase the transparency of innovation processes by new participative formats that facilitate the cooperation between different actors involved. Thereby, potential users, the civil society and economic actors can be effectively integrated into the process to develop a common understanding of the needs of digital mobility innovations to successfully place the latter at the market.

Research design

The core of the project is an interactive exhibition on mobility innovations as well as a digital platform which is used by the mFund projects to present themselves and to interact with potential cooperation partners. The feedback from users will be constantly and systematically captured, evaluated and transferred to the projects.

The WZB investigates the key societal, political and economic questions around the topic of “Mobility 4.0”. The main focus is on the question to what extent the transparency of data-based innovations in the field of mobility can be enhanced with regards to user needs.