13. - 15. Februar 2013

Change in Economy and Arts


February 13-15, 2013 

Workshop organized by Steffen Huck, Michael Hutter, Sir Peter Jonas, and Dorothea Kübler

While new ideas are two a penny, ideas that change the world are few and far between. In this workshop we want to explore the social, cultural and economic mechanisms that operate between the birth of an idea and its fulfilment in establishing change (or changing the establishment).

How do new ideas, innovative methods or products, or vanguard artistic styles win approval from investors, peers or critics? When does the establishment embrace the new, and when does it draw up its defence lines? What is the role of gatekeepers, gurus and doyens? And in which form do new ideas finally reach users, consumers and audiences?

This interdisciplinary workshop is intended to explore such mechanisms and logics in different fields. It will bring together, in equal proportions, academics in economics and the humanities and practitioners in commerce and the arts.