18. - 19. März 2016

Institutional and Policy Experiments in Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Intergroup Relations

4th Annual Conference on Migration and Diversity hosting the
conference of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

While migration and ethnicity issues constitute salient political and social issues in various parts of the world, experimental designs have become very popular to unravel the causal processes underlying these issues. A major challenge is that macro level processes (e.g., institutions, policies, context factors) regulate how individuals experience migration and ethnic diversity. Many political, economic and educational interventions (laws, policies) intervene at the macro-level. Yet, our knowledge about how macro-level processes and individual experiences connect is limited (e.g., how do immigration policies shape the experience of citizens and immigrants in a country?). Our conference strives to make this connection by bringing together scholars from economics, political science, and social psychology who tackle the challenge of experimentally manipulating macro-level factors (or the perception/framing thereof) and examining how institutions, authorities, policies and laws causally affect the experience and behavior of immigrants and citizens, ethnic minorities and majorities.

Keynote lectures will be held by David D. Laitin (Political Science, Stanford) and James H. Sidanius (Psychology, Harvard).

The conference is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the WZB research area "Migration and Diversity".

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