Spring 2022

Attachment Issues

Ashley Mantha-Hollands has a forthcoming article entitled “Attachment Issues” with the William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal

Summer 2022

Ashley awarded with Fellowship

Congratulations to Ashley Mantha-Hollands for earning the WZB World Merit Fellowship for a stay at Columbia Law School this summer!

March 2022

WZB Mitteilungen

Ashley Mantha-Hollands published an article in the WZB Mitteilungen called ‘Zuerst Mutter, dann Bürgerin' 

Center for Constitutional Challenges

Congratulations to Liav Orgad for launching a new Center for Constitutional Challenges (CCC) at Reichman University, Israel


Presentation in Oxford

On International Women’s day Ashley Mantha-Hollands presented her research paper “International Citizenship Law: A Feminist Approach” at the Philosophy and Borders Conference at Oxford University

Center for Technology and Transnational Challenges

Congratulations to Liav Orgad for launching a new Center for Technology and Transnational Challenges (STC) at Peking University School of Transnational Law


Virtual Conference

Liav Orgad speaks at a conference organized by the Cities and Human Mobility Research Collaborative


Citizenship in Europe

What Does it Mean to Be a Citizen in Europe? Opening discussion with Kalypso Nicolaïdis and Liav Orgad

October 2021-January 2022

Fellowship in Israel

From October until January, Johanna Hase is a visiting research fellow at the Hebrew University

Summer 2021

Summer Conferences

Johanna Hase and Ashley Mantha-Hollands presented their research at the IMISCOE, IPSA, CES & ECPR annual conferences


Citizenship in Global Perspective

Ashley Mantha-Hollands presented her research on citizenship ‘links' at the GLOBALCIT seminar on 15 April 2021


Naturalization Policies

Liav Orgad and Ashley Mantha-Hollands participated in an EUI workshop on comparative research of naturalisation policies globally


Industrial & Digital Citizenship

Follow Federico Tomasello's presentation at the University of Neuchatel here


Book Review

Ashley Mantha-Hollands and Liav Orgad reviewed Dimitry Kochenov’s new book Citizenship (MIT Press) for ICON


New Working Paper

The RSCAS Paper "Revocation of Citizenship: The New Policies of Conditional Membership", co-edited by Émilien Fargues and Iseult Honohan, is available online


Citizenship Revocation

Émilien Fargues spoke in a workshop organized at the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs at Harvard


How to Revive Liberalism?

Liav Orgad spoke on a Panel organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Jerusalem


New Book Review

Johanna Hase commented on 'The People in Question' by Jo Shaw. Find the full review here

December 2020

New Publication

Ruud Koopmans and Liav Orgad published a WZB Discussion Paper on Majority-Minority Constellations


Digitalization and Democracy

Liav Orgad speaks in a panel on Digital Social Contract at a the International Forum on Digital & Democracy


Book Event

Liav Orgad participates in an online event on Ayelet Shachar's 'The Shifting Border' on December 2, 2020


New Book Review

Ashley Mantha-Hollands  comments on two new books on citizenship: Yossi Harpaz' 'Citizenship 2.0' and Jelena Džankić's 'The Global Market for Investor Citizenship'. Find the whole review symposium here.

ICLaw Online Book Event - Jo Shaw: The People in Question

Book Event

Rogers Smith, Ayelet Shachar, Dieter Gosewinkel, Kriszta Kovács, Michael Riegner and Daniel Thym discuss her new book 'The People in Question' with Jo Shaw.


A Genealogy of Citizenship

Liav Orgad, Dieter Gosewinkel and Federico Tomasello organize a workshop that traces the making of new citizens throughout history. 


New Publication

Wessel Reijer's new paper on reponsible innovation is available here


Appointment to Shenzhen

Liav Orgad is a new Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Peking University School of Transnational Law in Shenzhen, China


New Publication

Liav Orgad's article "Forced to be Free" is forthcoming with the Harvard Human Rights Journal


Narrating the Pandemic

Johanna Hase discusses the implications of how the COVID-19 pandemic is narrated in the new 'WZB Mitteilungen'


SPIN Grant

Congratulations to Federico Tomasello on a Supporting Principal Investigators grant awarded by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice!


New Op-Ed

Ashley Mantha-Hollands' and Liav Orgad's opinion piece 'The Future of Handshaking' on what coronavirus can teach us about tolerance has been published on Verfassungsblog, in the Tagesspiegel, and on Swissinfo.


New Working Paper

Liav Orgad and Wessel Reijers show how the Chinese Social Credit System redefines the institution of citizenship in this working paper


New Publication

Émilien Fargues is the co-editor of a new book that compares citizenship revocation across five countries, revealing government agendas and unintended consequences


New Publication

The debate forum on urban citizenship is published as EUI Working Paper


New Publication

Jules Lepoutre discusses in his article the justification of denationalisation after long-term emigration


New TED Talk

Our advisory board member Kalypso Nicolaïdis gave a TED Talk on divided politics - watch the talk here.


New Research Grant

Congratulations to Primavera de Filippi, who was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for her project on Blockchain and governance! 


New Publication

A new contribution by Johanna Hase on "Local or Urban Citizenship?" was published in the debate forum "Cities vs States". 


PhD Defense

Congratulations to our team member Émilien Fargues who successfully defended his dissertation and is now Doctor! 


Urban Citizenship

Should urban citizenship be emancipated from nationality? Follow our debate forum


GLOBALCIT Annual Conference

Last week, our team members Johanna Hase, Ashley Mantha-Hollands, Émilien Fargues and Federico Tomasello participated in the GLOBALCIT Annual Conference.


New Publication

Does the rise of social credit systems in China and the West lead to a dystopian future? In this debate, leading scholars take a stand. 



The Law and Political Economy of Citizenship were addressed in a Workshop at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Liav Orgad acted as Commentator in the Law and Ethics Panel. 


Digital Citizenship Collaboration

The WZB, CNRS, EUI and University of Florence are launching a new workshop series on digital citizenship, starting with an event on digital citizenship in cities. 


Internship in Brussels

Our PhD Candidate Johanna is on leave for five months, during which she will explore European politics on citizenship and integration as a trainee in DG HOME.


New Publication

The article on a global compact on citizenship by Johanna Hase and Ashley Mantha-Hollands, published in the jubilee edition of WZB Mitteilungen, is now available in English.


New Team Members

ICLAW welcomes new team members at the EUI: Émilien Fargues works on citizenship refusal and revocation and Federico Tomasello explores the history of citizenship and labour.


New Publication

Liav Orgad's "The Citizen-Makers: Ethical Dilemmas in Immigrant Integration" is forthcoming with the European Law Journal.


Talk: Meanings of Brexit

Kalypso Nicolaïdis presents her book looking at Brexit through the myths of exodus, reckoning and sacrifice.


Talk: Citizenship Narratives

Johanna Hase shares her research on citizenship narratives at the
16th Annual IMISCOE Conference in Malmö, Sweden.


Talk: At Home in Two Countries?

Peter J. Spiro discusses new dilemmas of dual citizenship in the 21st century, Jules Lepoutre, Ashley Mantha-Hollands and Ursula Moffitt comment.


Talk: Uncertain Futures

Ruvi Ziegler discusses the impact of Brexit on electoral rights of EU citizens in the UK and those of UK citizens in the EU in this talk.


Talk: Mobility Convention

Michael Doyle presents the Model International Mobility Convention, a holistic and rights-based approach to human mobility. Nora Markard and Gerald Neuman comment.


Debate: Chinese Social Credit

Does China’s Social Credit System lead to a dystopian future? In this debate, scholars take sides.


Talk: HR in a Time of Populism

Gerald Neuman discusses how populism affects the international human rights regime and how monitoring bodies should respond, with comments by Michael Zürn and Mattias Kumm.


Talk: Loyalty and Attachment

Ashley Mantha-Hollands discusses the conceptual overlaps and differences between loyalty and attachment in naturalization requirements at the Virtue of Loyalty conference in Oklahoma, US.


Panel Discussion

Liav Orgad participates in a panel discussion on EU Citizenship and Member State Nationality at the Conference organized by the Department of Ethics, Law and Politics at the MPI-MMG.


Distinguished Guests

This month, ICLAW welcomes Michael Doyle (Columbia), Gerald Neuman (Harvard), Kalypso Nicolaïdis (Oxford) and Peter Spiro (Temple).


Workshop: Blockchain Theory

The workshop investigates blockchain-based methods for the decentralised governance of citizenship and migration.


Talk: Urban Citizenship

Rainer Bauböck explores urban citizenship in Western democratic states in this lecture.


Panel Discussion

Is the rights framework the right framework for majority-minority relation? Liav Orgad chairs the discussion between Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tariq Modood and Ruud Koopmans.



David Goodhart and Ayaan Hirsi Ali discuss radical Islamism and majority and minority rights at the 7th Annual MaD Conference.


Keynote by Will Kymlicka

The political philosopher opens the "Majority and Minority Conference" with a talk on the enduring importance of nationhood in majority-minority relations.


7th Annual MaD Conference

In the "Majority and Minority Rights" conference, with a keynote by Will Kymlicka, an interdisciplinary group of prominent scholars discuss tensions between group rights in the context of diversity.


New Publication

The debate forum on the development of Eu citizenship is now available as EUI Working Paper.


Migration - Borders - Identity

At a Gathering of the Global Forum of the National Library of Israel, Liav Orgad explores how immigration affects characteristics of the cultural identity of the absorbing society.


New Publication

Jean-Thoma Arrighi's article on secessionism and citizenship in Scotland and Catalonia is now available online.


Talk: Robot Citizenship

Mark Coeckelbergh argues in this lecture that robot citizenship, while seemingly an insult to the very concept, may reveal much about human politics.


Keynote speech

The workshop addresses questions of law and ethics of China’s Social Credit System. The keynote held by Rogier Creemers (Leiden University) is available as a podcast.


CfP: 3rd EJFF in London

LSE, WZB and EUI invite submissions for the 3rd European Junior Faculty Forum for Public Law and Jurisprudence at the London School of Economics and Political Science on June 10-11, 2019. CfP here.


Eurozenship: Pro and Contra

Should EU citizenship be disentangled from member state nationality? In an online debate co-hosted by the Verfassungsblog the GCG project asks a number of eminent scholars to take sides.


New Publication

GCG members Wessel Rejers, Primavera de Filippi and Liav Orgad are three of the authors of a new paper on the governance of blockchain technologies. It is available here.


Talk: Citizenship Gamification

Liav Orgad discusses recent developments of the gamification of citizenship regimes at the international conference 'Blockchain, Public Trust, Law and Governance' at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


Congrats to Jules Lepoutre

The GCG project group congratulates Dr. Jules Lepoutre on his successful thesis defense. His dissertation focuses on the notions of state sovereignty and nationality law, examining to what extent states are still sovereign in defining their nationals.


Majority and Minority's Rights

Liav Orgad talks at a conference on Controversial Multiculturalism in Rome


Talk: International Mobility

Professor Michael W. Doyle (Columbia Law School) presents the Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC), a holistic and rights-based approach towards the international government of human mobility.


Presentation: Narrating Constitutional Identity

PhD candidate Johanna Hase presented her work on the narration of constitutional identity at the Qualitative Research in Law conference in Brno, Czech Republic.


Review: At Home in Two Countries

Liav Orgad's points of agreement and disagreement with Peter J. Spiro's recent "At Home in Two Countries: The Past and Future of Dual Citizenship" are available here.


Workshop: Toward EU Citizenship?

Participants debate the pros and cons of adopting a European Citizenship Law, and the common standards that should regulate acquisition and loss of Union citizenship.


Publication: Cloud Communities

The RSCAS Working Paper on "Cloud Communities", co-edited by Liav Orgad and Rainer Bauböck, is published in the edited volume "Debating Transformations of National Citizenship".


Talk: Terrorism and Citizenship

The GCG project group hosts Professor Boaz Ganor, a leading expert on counterterrorism, for a talk on the challenge of terrorism and its connection to border control and citizenship governance at the EUI in Florence.


Digital Citizenship

In cooperation with WZB's Internet Policy Field, ICLAW starts a new project on digital citizenship, which explores the potential of scoring systems for enhancing active citizenship on the local level.


EJFF 2018 in Florence

The second European Junior Faculty Forum brings together early and advanced scholars at the EUI in Florence, Italy, to discuss the junior researchers' projects in public law.


Book Talk: Blockchain and the Law

Primavera De Filippi introduces her new book "Blockchain and the Law", which urges the legal systems to catch up with emerging technologies.


Keynote Speech

Lawrence Lessig (Harvard Law School) opens the first workshop on "Emerging Technologies and the Future of Citizenship" with his Keynote Speech.


New Publication

The RSCAS Working Paper "Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?", co-edited by Liav Orgad and Rainer Bauböck, is now available online.


Blockchain Conference

Liav Orgad speaks on Blockchain Govenance at an event hosted by the Bocconi University in Milan.


New Website

The Global Citizenship Governance project is co-hosted by the EUI in Florence, where it maintains a separate website, introducing its research, team, publications and events.


Global Indivitual Responsibility

Liav Orgad speaks on the role of the citizens in refugee integration a a workshop at LMU  


Constitutional Identity in Europe

In this panel discussion at the Goethe University Frankfurt, participants debate to what extent constitutional identity either produces new conflicts or helps ensuring recognition of plural constitutional traditions and concepts in the EU.


Attachment and Belonging: Panel

In this panel discussion, Alex Aleinikoff (The New School), Jelena Dzankic (EUI), Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA School of Law), Liav Orgad (EUI/WZB/IDC) and Rainer Bauböck (EUI) discuss fundamental dilemmas relating to membership and belonging, genuine ties and instrumental citizenship.


Attachment and Belonging: Lecture

Hiroshi Motomura holds a lecture on the borders of citizenship from an American perspective, discussing why challenges to U.S. migration policies often take national belonging as their foundation, and why this is both essential and limited as a path to ethical borders.


New Debate: Cloud Communities

The GLOBALCIT debate on the potential and challenges of new technologies for the future of citizenship closes with Liav Orgad's rejoinder "The Future of Citizenship: Global and Digital". All contributions are available here.


Migration, Citizenship, Democracy II

The second meeting of a workshop series is held at Harvard, focusing on 1) Concepts of Mobility and Migration; 2) Citizenship in a Paradigm of Mobility and De-centered States; 3) Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees.


Colloquium with Mathias Risse

ICLAW hosts Mathias Risse, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, to discuss his paper 'On Movement and Membership, and on Being German in the World Society'.


New Publication

The German Law Journal publishes its Special Issue on Constitutional Identity in the Age of Global Migration. It was developed in two conferences, is edited by Jürgen Bast and Liav Orgad and available here.


Workshop: European Blockchain

Participants in this workshop debate the future impact and implications of blockchain technologies on existing governance structures and regulatory regimes.


Workshop: Varieties of Citizenship

During the workshop, researchers discuss citizenship regimes; global trends in citizenship policies; and technological opportunities for existing frameworks of citizenship.


Panel Discussion: Global Identity Crisis

Roberto Stefan Foa, Jón Gnarr, Senad Šepić, Michael Žantovský and Liav Orgad discuss 'Globalization And Identity Crisis' at the Forum 2000 conference in Prague.


EU Migration after Brexit

Liav Orgad speaks on Ethical Dilemmas in Immigrant Education at a Conference hosted by the University of Toronto

Research Article

Federico Tomasello published his research results on 'Three Shades of Urban-Digital Citzenship' with Taylor&Francis Online.